Preschool playground equipment been shown to increase children’s physical activity levels, resulting in healthier children and lower levels of obesity among children. Additionally, more time spent playing outdoors has been shown to help children achieve critical physical and mental developmental milestones.

Playing outside has also been shown to increase attention span in children. This is particularly evident in the classroom after recess; as children tend to better adhere to lesson plans after playing outside on the playground. Many of children’s first social skills are learned on the preschool playground as they discover, encounter and solve new obstacles with one another.

The National Program for Playground Safety emphasizes the importance of the use of age appropriate playgrounds, as they have been shown to help create positive emotional, social and intellectual development for children. The organization breaks down age-appropriate design based on the developmental level of the child, ages 6 to 23 months, 2 to 5 years and 5 to 12 years. For preschool age children, NPPS recommends “the playground allow younger children to easily manipulate items, explore spaces, and begin to interact with others.”

Playgrounds put children’s physical developmental milestones in motion, oftentimes for the first time. The use of playground equipment including swings, slides and climbing structures, aid in the development of physical endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination, eye hand coordination and depth perception. In response to mounting evidence on the positive impact of outside play on children and their health, an increasing number of daycare centers are investing in preschool playground equipment. When designing a play area for your childcare facility, always consider utilizing age appropriate infant and toddler commercial playground equipment.

This Birmingham, Alabama daycare center recently reached out to us in need of a preschool playground installation – one that would help their students achieve milestones appropriate for their age group, all the way from rollers and crawlers to toddlers. With age appropriateness, sun exposure and safety in mind, the daycare center selected innovative play equipment, hip and ridge shade structures and poured in place rubber surfacing. Post installation, the daycare center is seeing great results.