A recent study analyzing obesity risks in children found the placement of playground equipment in the childcare setting had an overwhelmingly positive outcome on both child health and development. Post installation, children spent a significantly higher amount of time participating in physical activity and a significantly less amount of time in a sedentary state. Children were also found to be exposed to healthy amounts of sunlight when playing on preschool playground equipment.

While a moderate amount of sun is beneficial to one’s health, shade is an essential element on the playground. Both natural and artificial shade structures cool playground equipment by up to 20 degrees, greatly reducing the risk of sunburn and overheating in children at play.

In addition to increasing physical activity in young children, preschool playground equipment has been shown to nurture milestone achievement in early learners, including social, emotional and cognitive skill development. Cognitive milestones are achieved as young learners problem solve on the playground. Social and emotional milestones go hand in hand, as preschoolers learn to play and negotiate with one another to reach common goals. Physical milestones are achieved as young children challenge themselves to climb, crawl through and slide down preschool playground equipment.

ADA accessible preschool playground equipment is particularly important in that it enables all-inclusive play for all children, including those with disabilities. This is essential for the development of social skills, as surveys demonstrate most children with disabilities spend a significantly less amount of time engaged in social interaction than their peers. This is likely due to the fact that many facilities housing social gatherings are not entirely accessible. ADA compliance for playgrounds, for example, only requires one of each ground level component to be accessible and at least half of elevated level components to be accessible. Keep in mind, these are minimal requirements. Further access can be achieved to enable all-inclusive play in all entities of the play area.

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