The word is out. Children who play more outside are better behaved inside. In response, preschools are installing age appropriate playgrounds and boosting student achievement of developmental milestones along the way. Installing preschool playground equipment is beneficial to child development.

As preschoolers navigate their play surroundings, they work to develop both fine & gross motor skills. Large movements, like climbing up ladders and sliding down slides, build physical strength and aid in the development of gross motor skills. Small movements, like grasping the sides of a ladder or playing with an activity panel, help build the fine motor skills.

Preschool playground equipment is designed by age based on physical ability and safety. Factors like fall height and shock absorbency are taken into consideration along with playground safety standards established by ASTM and CPSC. This is why it is essential to ensure that the equipment children are playing on is age appropriate.

For preschools with multiple age groups, it may be beneficial to have two separate play areas, one for younger children and one for older children. Another option would be to purchase equipment that is designed for a wider age range, then arrange the day so that the younger children can play at one time of the day and the older children can play another time. By separating play times and spaces, caregivers can ensure that younger children have the same access to play components as older children. It also minimizes risk of injury on the playground.

A childcare center recently contacted us to create a unique play space, one that would be age appropriate for the children, with a range from infants all the way to Pre-K. The result was phenomenal, with two separate play areas for different age groups, a splash zone and even an infant play area. The project also featured a synthetic turf field and large shade structures to ensure children’s skin is protected while at play. By using multiple preschool playground structures, we created a truly unique play area for this daycare.

Playgrounds for preschool aged children are designed to help them reach developmental milestones. Pro Playgrounds offers preschool playground equipment for various age groups in multiple themes. For more ideas on how to create a unique play space at your preschool, explore our portfolio today!