What Makes Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing A Good Choice

Poured in place rubber surfacing provides a safe environment for children to play, requires little maintenance once installed and can be personalized to fit any recreational theme.

Poured in place rubber surfacing is highly shock absorbent. This type of surfacing has been shown to greatly reduce the likelihood of head injuries to children on the playground. Prior to installation, check with the manufacturer to ensure your poured in place rubber surfacing is compliant with ASTM impact attenuation standards. These standards are designed to reduce the risk of severe head injury from falls. This is particularly important in high impact and fall zones such as slide exits, monkey bars and zip line areas.

Poured in place playground rubber surfacing is also an excellent choice for accessibility, as it has been found to comply with ADA requirements.

“Inclusive play between children with disabilities and children without disabilities is threatened when the playground does not have accessible equipment and surfaces.” – The United States Access Board

Per ADA requirements, public playgrounds and recreational facilities are required to provide accessible routes from the play area entrance to any accessible play component and adjacent spaces. The United States Access Board recommends designing the entire play zone as an accessible space to ensure all children can participate in all inclusive play throughout the playground. This can be effectively achieved by installing poured in place rubber surfacing.

How Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing Is Installed

See firsthand how to install poured in place rubber surfacing on playgrounds, pools, entryways and more. This installation video features 1800 square feet of poured in place rubber playground surfacing with EPDM rubber.

Poured in place rubber playground surfacing can be installed over other surfaces, preferably concrete or asphalt. Poured in place rubber surfacing can also be installed over crushed aggregate or stone base, but keep in mind, drains will likely need to be installed with these surfaces.

The slab first needs to be grated out for proper drainage. The height of the concrete and underneath layers are also taken into account. Priming and edge detailing is a crucial component of professional installation. The concrete needs to cure for several days and must be monitored and maintained free of moisture. Pro Playgrounds recommends using custom-made high quality binders for best results. For additional tips & info on poured in place rubber surfacing, including how to mix colors for a custom design, watch our video tutorial.