Outside play encourages healthy brain development in children, including spatial awareness, motor skills, dexterity and balance. In recent years, the United States has seen an overwhelming decrease in the amount of time children spend playing outside. With a rise in the use of mobile technology and a greater emphasis placed on academics in early learners, children are spending more time than ever indoors. Creating outdoor play environments that feature a playground obstacle course is one way to combat this.

In response to a nationwide reduction in school recess time, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) issued a position statement surrounding the importance of outside play. Studies supporting the statement found the following:

  • Children display greater attentiveness and mental capacity in the classroom when given the opportunity to play freely outside.
  • Outside play has been shown to reduce stress & expand creativity.
  • Playground Equipment enable children to learn hands-on problem solving skills that are not learned in the classroom.
  • Children who engage in outside play are more inclined to adhere with lesson plans.
  • The physical activity that goes hand and hand with outside play has been shown to improve overall health and reduce obesity levels in children.

Mounting evidence supporting the importance of outside play in schools has resulted in a greater demand for playground equipment specifically designed to boost agility and active play. Pro Playgrounds offers just that – in the form of playground structures, commercial swings, spring riders, climbers, monkey bars and more.

Recently, a school in Colorado approached us in search of a commercial playground system to enhance hands-on learning. Our expert team went right to work installing equipment designed to encourage balance and dexterity along with an artificial turf field and rubber surfacing. Pro Playgrounds understands the positive impact outside play has on child development. We work with architects, contractors, schools and more to ensure the best fit for your facility’s needs.