South Florida Custom Shade StructuresCustom Shade To Cover Commercial Playground System

Client Profile

The daycare center in Tamarac, FL, provides a nurturing and engaging environment for young children. It features a safe, modern playground with age-appropriate equipment, including slides, activity panels, and shaded areas. The facility focuses on early childhood development, offering a balanced mix of educational and recreational activities.

Project Goals

The project at the Tamarac daycare center involves installing custom-sized shade structures to cover the rear playground area. The goal is to provide a cooler, shaded environment, protecting children from the sun while they play. This addition enhances safety and comfort, promoting a more enjoyable outdoor experience for the kids.

Project Details and Features

Our team of experts completed the installation of custom-sized shade structures at the Tamarac daycare center in just three days, meeting all permitting and inspection requirements. The project involved installing the shades over existing concrete and asphalt, demonstrating our professionals’ capability to handle complex installations efficiently and effectively.

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