Rooftop Sail Shade Structures for Elementary SchoolShade Structures Keep Elementary School Playground Cool

Client Profile

The School of Arts and Sciences in Tallahassee, FL, is a progressive educational institution emphasizing creativity, critical thinking, and academic excellence. With a comprehensive curriculum that integrates arts and sciences, the school nurtures students’ intellectual and artistic talents, preparing them for future academic and personal success.

Project Goals

Our project objective was to enhance the playground at the School of Arts and Sciences in Tallahassee by installing commercial sail shade structures. These shades provide essential UV protection, ensuring a cooler and safer play environment for students, and enhancing the overall functionality and comfort of the playground area.

Project Details and Features

The completed project at the School of Arts and Sciences in Tallahassee features multiple sail shade structures and playground shade structures, covering the entire play area. These additions provide comprehensive UV protection and cooling, ensuring a safer, more comfortable environment for students to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year.

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