Rooftop Playground Project

We are so proud to be the firm that created the first and only rooftop playground in the entire South East United States. This project created so many unique obstacles and challenges that needed to be overcome, but our team of experts were up to the task. This rooftop playground is nearly 10,000 sqft in size and features the latest and greatest in playground and recreational products. We installed two of our large commercial playground units on the roof, as well as one of our large craggy climbers and three stand and spins. We used a proprietary mounting method that allowed the roof to be waterproof and still provide a strong and sound connection for the equipment. Because the roof is over 30 feet in the air, a special no climb fence was created and installed to keep the children safe.

As you know, no playground is complete without the proper safety surfacing. This rooftop playground features nearly 7000 square feet of poured in place rubber surfacing, as well as a 1900 square foot area of artificial turf. We also created a running track around the field area.

Because of the location, this playground was extremely susceptible to sun exposure. To combat this, our team designed a unique sail shade system, using custom mounting brackets that were integrated into the structural steel of the building; allowing them to be compliant with Florida’s stringent wind load requirements.

Special Considerations

Creating a safe and functioning playground on a rooftop is a difficult task to accomplish. A rooftop play environment creates numerous problems like waterproofing, mounting method and safety that has to be addressed.

  • Playground integrated into roof deck using proprietary mounting methods.
  • Ultra permeable surfacing does not inhibit roof function.
  • Waterproofing not compromised.

Featured Playground Products:

  • Craggy Pinnacle Commerical Playground Rock Climber 1

    Craggy Pinnacle Climber

  • -47%
    Fort Challenge Commercial Playground System 1

    Fort Challenge Playground System

  • Hold N Spin Commercial Playground Spinner 2

    Hold-N-Spin Spinner

  • -47%
    Victory Mountain Commercial Playground System 1

    Victory Mountain Playground System