Commercial Playground for Church DaycareCommercial Playgrounds and Shade Structures Create Unique Church Play Area

Client Profile

Killearn United Methodist Church in Tallahassee, Florida, is a vibrant faith community committed to worship, spiritual growth, and service. The church offers a variety of programs and ministries for all ages, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose. It emphasizes outreach, community involvement, and providing support to individuals and families.

Project Goals

Our project objectives for Killearn United Methodist Church include creating multiple age-appropriate play areas with integrated shade structures. These play areas will cater to different age groups, promoting physical activity, social interaction, and imaginative play, while ensuring a safe and comfortable environment protected from the sun for all children.

Project Details and Features

The project at Killearn United Methodist Church features church playground equipment, multiple commercial playground shades, a sandbox, and artificial turf. These elements create a safe, engaging, and comfortable play environment, promoting physical activity and imaginative play while ensuring protection from the sun and a durable, low-maintenance surface.

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