Mississippi Poured in Place Rubber Playground SurfacingRevamping Rubber Playground Surfacing

Client Profile

A client in Mississippi requires a complete replacement of their playground’s rubber surfacing. The project involves removing the old surface and installing new, high-quality poured-in-place rubber surfacing. This upgrade aims to enhance safety, durability, and aesthetics, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable play environment for children.

Project Goals

The project in Mississippi aims to replace pea gravel with a new poured-in-place rubber surface for the playground. Utilizing the existing pea gravel as a drainage base, our expert crew ensures improved safety, durability, and playability. This transformation provides a modern, resilient surface, enhancing the overall playground experience for children.

Project Details and Features

In Mississippi, our expert crew repurposed the existing pea gravel as a drainage base to install a new poured-in-place rubber surface. This innovative approach provided maintenance-free, safe surfacing for the playground. The new rubber surface enhances durability, safety, and playability, creating a superior play environment for children.

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