Jacksonville Florida Childcare Center Commercial Playground EquipmentPlayground System Installation in Childcare

Client Profile

A childcare center in Jacksonville, FL, offers a nurturing and stimulating environment for young children. The facility features age-appropriate play equipment, educational activities, and a dedicated staff focused on early childhood development. With a safe and engaging outdoor play area, the center promotes both physical activity and cognitive growth for all children.

Project Goals

The project at the Jacksonville childcare center aimed to quickly install a new, feature-rich playground in just two days. The new commercial playground includes five slides, numerous climbers and panels, and an arch bridge, providing the children and staff with a much-needed, engaging play area that promotes active play and enjoyment.

Project Details and Features

Our sales team worked closely with the Jacksonville childcare center to select a playground that perfectly fit their space without invading necessary use zones. The professionally installed, commercial-grade playground equipment complies with safety standards. Features include five slides, numerous climbers, panels, and an arch bridge, providing a safe and engaging play environment.

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