Georgia Playground Shade StructureThe Shade Structure to Cover the Playground System

Client Profile

An HOA client in Georgia is dedicated to improving their community’s recreational amenities. They have identified the need for a shade structure over the playground to protect children from the harsh sun. By providing this essential sun protection, the HOA aims to create a more comfortable, enjoyable, and safe play environment, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.

Project Goals

The HOA project in Georgia aimed to enhance the playground by installing a custom-designed shade structure. Our team of experts created a shade that perfectly covered the playground and seamlessly fit within the existing fenced area without requiring major modifications. The goal was to provide optimal sun protection and comfort for the children.

Project Details and Features

The project involved customizing a rectangular shade structure to fit perfectly within the fenced playground area. Expertly installed, the design ensured that the posts did not invade any use zones of the existing equipment. This shade structure provides comprehensive coverage, enhancing the safety and comfort of the playground environment.

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