Florida Elementary School Playground Equipment

We were so proud to be able to install this unbelievable commercial playground at one of our local elementary schools. This is one of our largest and featured packed playgrounds, the Plateau Play System . This system has a ton of play features including a variety of slides, climbers and panels for the kids to play on. In addition to the commercial playground unit, we also installed a giant climber, benches and a huge spinner. For this playground project we utilized wood mulch and ADA ramps.

Special Considerations

This client wanted a playground that had plenty of components for children ages 2 to 12 years old. We suggested this unit and the client loved this choice!

  • Playground planning and design.
  • Commercial grade playground equipment.
  • ADA compliant surfacing and equipment.

Featured Products:

  • 4 Panel Rope Challenger Commerical Playground Rope Climber 1

    4 Panel Rope Challenger

  • Hold N Spin Commercial Playground Spinner 2

    Hold-N-Spin Spinner

  • playground border timber 12 inch

    Playground Border Timbers – Plastic – 4′