Playtime isn’t just toys and playgrounds; it’s also learning, discovering and growing. Play is very important to your child’s developmental growth and helps them learn more than most can ever imagine. Creating unique play environments using daycare playground equipment helps with this development. Many don’t see playtime as something crucial but there are far more benefits that it gives your child than what you may think. It helps with social, cognitive, physical and emotional development of a child and gives them opportunities to learn about the world around them.

For children, play is a way they can engage and interact with everything around them. It also allows them to explore the world and figure out things on their own. This is a way for them to learn about the world and how to problem solve. As they explore they begin to learn about everything surrounding them, what certain things do and feel like, and about different concepts. Children will begin to learn how to conquer their fears and become more confident with themselves. Many of these growth expierence start on the preschool playground.

Play also gives children the chance to become more social. By playing with parents or other children, they learn how to share, work together, resolve conflicts and communicate. They will find their creativity and learn to have more leadership and group skills, and learn to express their feelings. Children will also learn to cope with their feelings as the act out different emotions in a situation that they control. They often like to experiment with roles, pretending to be people from home, community or school. This allows them to act out experiences and learn to think in abstract methods. Playtime also gives them the opportunity to learn to respect others and use their manners when dealing with others; some very important life skills they will need to know.
Another important aspect of play is that it instills a active and healthy lifestyle at an early age. Children have become more detached with play and more reliant on technology to entertain. By encouraging children to play more on preschool playground equipment, we give them more opportunities for them to use their imagination, create and be active. Play is a great way that increases physical activity for children which is a great way we can revolve the obesity epidemic.

Play is something that should be cherished for children. Kids learn so much from this simple action. They discover what their interests are, how to make decisions, how to socialize and be active. By allowing our children more play, we help pave the way to more learning.