Children’s playground equipment is an essential aspect of healthy child development. Outdoor play is a vanishing element of today’s society. Devices loaded with game apps and videos are where most children spend the majority of their time playing. According to a 2015 Childwise survey, kids aged five to 16 spend an average of 6 and a half hours of screen time a day.

Outdoor games like hide and seek have been replaced with new convenient, on-the-go, games that children can play on phones or tablets. The problem is that children are not learning to socialize when they play by themselves. They are also missing out on key physical activity that aids in the development of coordination, balance, flexibility and overall health. Childhood obesity is drastically on the rise, much of which is being correlated with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. From 2016 to 2017, The National Survey of Children’s Health reported that nearly 16 percent of children in the United States aged 10 to 17 were obese. Physical activity that children experience on the playground helps reduce this widespread health epidemic.

Outdoor commercial playground equipment also helps develop children’s decision-making skills as well as the connection between action and consequence. When children are allowed to make their own decisions about how they play and navigate their play surroundings, they can apply those same skills to challenges and obstacles later in life. When children negotiate playground rules with others, they learn essential team collaboration skills. By challenging themselves to achieve a new height on a rock wall or swing themselves without being pushed, children are learning their limitations and what they need to do to accomplish their goals.

Contact with nature, the importance of taking risk and socialization opportunities are just a few of the many benefits of outdoor play for children. The installation of playground equipment greatly increases time spent outside for children, particularly in school, church and community living environments. Schools with increased recess times report better academic achievement, attentiveness and memory retention post play.

Play units are designed to aid in the achievement of developmental milestones and each unit is crafted for a particular age group. This helps make sure that children are safe on the playground. Check Pro Playgrounds inventory of children’s playground equipment. Our selection includes nature themed play systems, music activity panels, spring riders and more.