Playground shade canopies make playground equipment last longer. After investing in a commercial playground and installation, it is important to consider the cost of maintenance and how that cost can be reduced over time. The installation of shade structures, for example, shields playground equipment from harmful UV rays, reducing breakage and other damage resulting from solar exposure. This greatly extends the life of playground equipment overtime.

The installation of shade over playground equipment also significantly increases utilization of the recreational equipment. When it is hot and no shade is present, playgrounds go widely unused. Not only are outdoor temperatures too high over the summer months, but also equipment can get too hot to the touch, particularly metal slides and dark colored surfacing.

The National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) explains, “children are especially susceptible to high-heat conditions because their bodies regulate their temperatures less efficiently than adults.” Playground materials that children touch with their hands and feet have recorded temperatures as high as 189°F. These high temperatures can burn a child’s skin in less than three seconds. The first factor under NPPS’ list of “Factors that Influence Playground Temperatures” is location.

Locations with less shading harbor higher, more dangerous surface and ambient temperatures, particularly during the peak hours of 11AM to 3PM. Other major factors include seasonal changes and the type of equipment and surfacing material. NPPS findings show that some materials retain more heat than others. By installing a playground shade canopy over play areas, temperatures are significantly reduced, sometimes by up to twenty degrees. Cooler temperatures increase the number of visitors using the equipment and lengthen the time of use.

Playground shade canopies extend life of playground equipment, reduce wear & tear and make for a more comfortable recess. Pro Playgrounds’ shade structures are made of the highest quality materials and workmanship, capable of standing up to heavy wind loads, UV and more. Take a look at our wide variety of styles of shade structures and metal shelter products today.