Hurricane Michael crashed into the Florida panhandle packing winds of 155 mph and leaving a path of destruction in its wake. It was the largest storm ever recorded to hit the Florida panhandle. The hurricane made landfall as a category 4 near Mexico Beach and Panama City Beach, totally devastating the northern Florida Gulf coast region then trudged through Georgia and the Carolinas, snapping trees and smashing power lines along the way.


Post Hurricane Michael, communities are coming together to assess damages, rebuild and repair, clear roads and restore power. Those who evacuated the hardest hit areas are coming home to pick up the pieces.

The importance of getting a playground safety inspection post hurricane

Was your playground or recreational equipment damaged in the hurricane? A certified playground safety inspection can help ensure your playground is safe post hurricane. Contact Pro Playgrounds for a full playground safety assessment. We specialize in certified safety inspection services. Our experts are trained in critical factors impacting playground safety including surfacing materials, impact attenuation, head injury criteria, critical heights, fall heights, and use zones.


After experiencing hurricane speed winds, sustaining fallen trees and/or any other storm related damage, a certified playground safety inspection will give you expert insight into any impact on the safety of your playground. Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI) have passed the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) National Playground Safety Institute (NPSI)’s examination of ASTM International (ASTM) and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) safety standards. CPSIs thoroughly identify and assess any damages and provide a solution to fix them. They are extensively trained on playground safety issues including:

  • Hazard identification,
  • Equipment specifications,
  • Surfacing requirements and
  • Risk management methods.


Take a look at our safety inspection checklist for additional tips to ensure your playground is safe post hurricane.


  • Check the playground equipment for storm damage.
  • Ensure surfacing remains and covers all appropriate areas, particularly the fall zones surrounding playground equipment.
  • Check for objects that stick out on equipment.
  • Check that all hardware on equipment is secure with no loose or broken parts.
  • Check for hazardous debris such as sharp sticks or broken glass that could have blown into the playground area.
  • If a part seems broken, loose, or in need of other maintenance, designate it as off-limits until repaired.
  • And most of all – get a professional playground safety inspection!

Our thoughts are with the communities impacted by Hurricane Michael. If your playground suffered damage from the recent hurricane, contact us. We offer professional playground safety inspection, relocation and installation services.