Maintaining a commercial playground structure will dramatically increase it useful life, it does not take much effort and will be a sure way to keep your playground not only looking its best but also being as safe as possible for the children using it.

Commercial playgrounds are built with durable materials and use the highest quality fasteners and hardware available. They are designed to last a lifetime, but like anything else they require occasional maintenance to maximize the life span of the equipment. It is a good idea to develop a playground maintenance schedule and incorporate it into your calendar.

Basic tools are all that is needed in most cases to maintain a commercial playground system. Most commercial playgrounds will feature tamper proof hardware. Tamper proof hardware requires special keyed bits to tighten them. When your new playground is installed, ask your commercial playground installer to supply you with a set of these special bits, along with any leftover hardware and cans of touch up paint.

Every three months you should physically inspect all of the hardware on a playground to ensure that it is tight, always tighten loose nuts and bolts to the proper torque. In addition to checking the hardware, you should also visibly inspect any paint or powder coating. Any scratches or scuffs should be covered with the touch up paint as soon as possible to prevent rust.

Some playground components that spin and move will require lubrication with grease, oil or a combination of both. Make sure your playground installer shows you where these lubricated playground fittings are and tells you how often they need to be lubricated.