Playground installation in the works? When it comes time to plan your playground, there are a few key factors to keep in mind including the lay of the land, age appropriateness and shade.

Assess the Site

Before you pick the location for your playground installation, you will want to consider the slope and soil type, as both factors influence drainage. For the slope, be sure to choose a site where water can easily flow away versus collecting in a puddle. For the soil type, check to ensure it is stable and will not retain too much water prior to installation. CPSC regulations require playground surfacing to extend several feet from the equipment, so when you plot out your space, be sure to factor in the placement of your flooring. Check surfacing standards on page 8 of the CPSC Public Playground Safety Handbook for helpful insight.

Select Age Appropriate Equipment

Playground equipment is designed by age to challenge each group to achieve milestones that are appropriate for their developmental level. When selecting a play set, check the age level to ensure it is the right age range for the children that will be playing on it. Not only does this help children more easily navigate the equipment but also greatly improves safety for children at play.

Incorporate Shade

One of the most crucial factors of any playground installation is shade structures. Before clearing your playground site, check to see if there is any existing vegetation that can be used to provide natural shade. If additional shade is needed, consider installing sail shades or umbrella shades over equipment. The installation of shade greatly reduces the surface temperature of equipment and protects children from overexposure to UV rays. Learn more about the importance of shade here.

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