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Funds Matching Play For All Program

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In an effort to provide more play opportunities to underserved populations, we are proud to announce our new funds matching grant program. This program will offer 100% funds matching for qualified entities on select structures. The grant provides funds matching for the structure only and is not applicable to shipping, taxes, installation, materials surcharges, or other items and cannot be combined with any other promotions. Funds are limited and not all who apply will qualify.

The application period is indefinite and at the discretion of the Company. Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis and awards are made for the following month. All awards must be redeemed within 45 days of being issued.

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How it Works

Make Sure You Qualify

You must be located in the Contiguous United States and also be a qualified entity in order to apply. Qualified entities include:

  • Any Not-for-Profit Organization
  • Any Public School or Publicly funded Child Care Facility.
  • Any Municipality or County with a Population of Less than 250,000

You must currently have or be able to obtain the funds to match the grant.

  • Our Minimum Grant Amount is $15,000. You must be able to match this amount.

The Playground Grant Process

1) Complete the Application

Click the button to the right to complete the application, a member of our team may contact you for additional details and verification if needed.

2) Review Process

Our staff reviews applications once a month and makes selections for the following month. Funds are limited and not all who apply will be approved.

3) Award

If you are selected to receive one of our funds matching grants, you will be contacted by a member of our staff. Approved grants must be utilized within 45 days of approval.

Pro Playgrounds Funds Matching Grant

Example Grant Eligible Playground Structures

Cesar Playground System
playground grants cesar commercial playground system 4
Templeton Playground System
playgruond grants Templeton commercial playground system 4
Rise Playground System
playground grants rise commercial playground system 2
Maximo Playground System
playground grants Maximo commercial playground system 3
Temple Playground System
playground grants Temple Commercial Playground System 5
Trident Point Playground System
playground grants Trident Point Commercial Playground System 5
Neptune Playground System
playground grants Neptune Commercial Playground System 5
Arrow Point Playground System
playground grants Arrow Point Commercial Playground System 8