Every playground company has different terms and lengths for their specific warranties. In general though, your commercial playground warranty should carry a lifetime warranty on all metal components and at least a ten year warranty on all plastic components. Anything less than these terms is not a wise investment.

One of the greatest advantages to buying commercial playground equipment instead of trying to build a playground from scratch are the truly amazing warranties that come along with them. Commercial playgrounds can be a very large investment, it feels good knowing that your investment is protected by a warranty from a reputable and large company that has been in business for decades.

People often ask me what commercial playground warranties cover. The quick and easy answer is that commercial playground warranties will cover any and all manufacturing defects and anything that breaks during the warranty period as a result of normal use. Commercial playground warranties will not cover things like acts of nature, such as damage from a hurricane, or acts of abuse such as vandalism or misuse of the playground equipment. Another important factor to remember when it comes to commercial playground equipment warranties is that all of the warranties are contingent upon proper installation, this is why it’s so important to hire a qualified and experienced playground contractor to install your new commercial playground equipment. Let’s say for instance that one of the decks on your playground fails and falls apart. If it comes to be discovered that the wrong hardware was used, or corners were cut during the installation, then your warranty claim will be denied.