Best create your recreational space from behind the scenes with expert industry insight. The playground equipment installers at Pro Playgrounds have successfully built hundreds of playgrounds and other recreational spaces across the United States from the ground up. Projects include the installation of safety surfacing, recreational equipment and shade structures as well as the repair and relocation of existing equipment. From determining footer depths to figuring deck heights and ensuring compliance with national playground safety standards, our playground installation professionals are equipped to solve the most difficult of challenges. We recently asked our installation team how they overcome the trickiest of obstacles. Responses below…

  1. Keep everything in order. Equipment components come in all shapes and sizes and in great numbers. To ensure a seamless installation, it is essential to sort pieces upon delivery. Key items include playground decks, posts, panels, accessories and hardware. Our team recommends sorting items in the order listed above for optimal results.
  2. Cut posts to the correct length. Be sure to consider the height of the surfacing when cutting the height of the post. Most surfacing measures 4 to 6 inches in height. The height of the surfacing must be cut off from the post for equipment to align properly. Our playground equipment installers recommend using a portable band saw, reciprocating saw or a metal cutting torch (listed in order of preference) to cut the posts. Alternatively, post holes can be dug 4-6 inches deeper to accommodate for the height of the surfacing, which brings us to perhaps the trickiest part of all.
  3. Ensure accuracy when determining footer depth. First, identify the elevation of the hole in the lowest part of the grade. Use this measurement as a benchmark to determine additional hole depths. Depending on the terrain, you will likely need to add or subtract dirt as needed to reach the correct depth. Footer depth can also be determined with a string level.

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