No matter how custom your needs are, Pro Playgrounds will make your next school playground installation a breeze. Our team of professional playground installers and safety inspectors has completed over one hundred installations across the United States. With services including everything from playground planning to safety surfacing installations, Pro Playgrounds will ensure your project is a success.

Not sure what equipment, if any, needs to be replaced? Leave it to us. Our team of experienced and certified safety inspectors will assess existing equipment and provide recommendations to ensure CPSC & ASTM playground safety standards are met, e.g., making sure your safety surfacing meets minimum depth requirements for the critical fall height listed on each piece of playground equipment. Other unique challenges? Rest assured; we have a unit that will fit your needs.

Rooftop Playground Project

An elementary school in Tallahassee, FL, for example, came to us with a unique need. The school was located in a building with no outdoor space for a playground but desperately needed one installed. After careful planning and consideration, we created a truly one of a kind play area– over thirty feet in the air!

This project created so many unique obstacles and challenges that needed to be overcome, but our team of experts was up to the task.

This school playground installation includes:

  • 2 large commercial playground units
  • 1 large craggy climber
  • 3 stand and spins
  • 7000 square feet of poured in place rubber surfacing
  • 1900 square foot area of artificial turf
  • Running track around the field area

Safety is our number one priority. Since this playground is located thirty feet off the ground and that much closer to the sun, this project took careful consideration in terms of safety inspection and planning.

Special safety considerations included:

  • A proprietary mounting method to allow for a strong and sound enough connection for the equipment
  • A special no climb fence
  • A unique sail shade system, using custom mounting brackets
  • Compliance with Florida’s stringent wind load requirements.


School playgrounds are essential for increased physical activity and academic achievement back in the classroom. No matter how unique your recreational needs are, we have the experience to simplify the process of selecting and installing the right playground equipment for your schools. Contact us today!