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    The Best Playground Equipment for Your Childcare Center

    Running a day care or childcare center is serious business. In addition to providing top quality care for your students, you must also remain competitive in the marketplace. Major milestones take place on daycare playground equipment including the early development of balancing skills, motor skills, muscle strength and coordination. Quality daycare playground equipment, designed with safety in mind, will give your childcare center the competitive advantage it needs to succeed.

    We have designed and installed hundreds of daycare playground equipment units for childcare centers across the United States. We understand your needs and your customers. Give us a call today. We would love to learn more about your unique recreational needs.

    icon commercial grade

    Commercial Grade

    All of our playground equipment is made of durable commercial grade materials, designed to last a lifetime.

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    Flexible Designs

    Hundreds of pre-designed structures and flexible custom playground design options to fit any space, need or budget.

    icon safety

    Safety Certified

    We guarantee safety, all of our our playground equipment meets or exceeds CPSC and ASTM standards and is certified by IPEMA.

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    Professional Installation

    Guaranteed hassle free professional installation by our licensed and experienced playground installation experts.

    Our Most Popular Playground Equipment Products for Daycares:

    • Adventure Archipelago indoor playground system 23156 (7)

      Adventure Archipelago Indoor Playground System

    • Playful Planet indoor playground system 23155 (5)

      Playful Planet Indoor Playground System

    • Dreamland Junction indoor playground system 23154 (1)

      Dreamland Junction Indoor Playground System

    • Whimsy World indoor playground system 23150 (3)

      Whimsy World Indoor Playground System

    • Fantasy Field indoor playground system 149 (10)

      Fantasy Field Indoor Playground System

    • Playful Panorama indoor playground system 23148 (2)

      Playful Panorama Indoor Playground System

    • Adventure Arena indoor playground system 23147 (2)

      Adventure Arena Indoor Playground System

    • Enchanted Eden indoor playground system 23146 (2)

      Enchanted Eden Indoor Playground System

    • Fun Fortress indoor playground system 23145 (5)

      Fun Fortress Indoor Playground System

    • Playful Haven indoor playground system 23144 (2)

      Playful Haven Indoor Playground System

    • IP23143 Scene 3

      Magic Mountain Indoor Playground System

    • Dreamy Playground indoor playground system 23142 (1)

      Dreamy Playground Indoor Playground System

    • Adventure Oasis indoor playground system 23141 (1)

      Adventure Oasis Indoor Playground System

    • Playful Palace indoor playground system 23139 (4)

      Playful Palace Indoor Playground System

    • Imagination Island indoor playground system 23138 (1)

      Imagination Island Indoor Playground System

    • Kids Kingdom indoor playground system 23137 (1)

      Kid’s Kingdom Indoor Playground System

    • Fantasy Frontier indoor playground system 23136 (1)

      Fantasy Frontier Indoor Playground System

    • Playtime Paradise indoor playground system 23135 (2)

      Playtime Paradise Indoor Playground System

    • Adventure Alley indoor playground system 23134 (1)

      Adventure Alley Indoor Playground System

    • Enchanted Playground indoor playground system 23132 (4)

      Enchanted Playground Indoor Playground System

    • Whimsical Woods indoor playground system 23128 (1)

      Whimsical Woods Indoor Playground System

    • Playful Piazza indoor playground system 23127 (4)

      Playful Piazza Indoor Playground System

    • Fun Forest indoor playground system 23126 (1)

      Fun Forest Indoor Playground System

    • Rainbow Retreat indoor playground system 23125 (2)

      Rainbow Retreat Indoor Playground System

    • Adventure Avenue indoor playground system 23124 (1)

      Adventure Avenue Indoor Playground System

    • Playful Pathways indoor playground system 23122 (4)

      Playful Pathways Indoor Playground System

    • Fantasy Forest indoor playground system 23121 (1)

      Fantasy Forest Indoor Playground System

    • Wonderland indoor playground system 23120 (3)

      Wonderland Indoor Playground System

    • Jump n Joy indoor playground system 23119 (1)

      Jumpin Joy Indoor Playground System

    • Discovery Dome indoor playground system 23118 (1)

      Discovery Dome Indoor Playground System

    • Magic Maze indoor playground system 23115 (3)

      Magic Maze Indoor Playground System

    • DreamPlay Park indoor playground system 23112 (2)

      Dream Play Park Indoor Playground System

    • Fantasy Island indoor playground system 23111 (1)

      Fantasy Island Indoor Playground System

    • Playful Peaks indoor playground system 23110 (3)

      Playful Peaks Indoor Playground System

    • Imagination Station indoor playground system 23109 (3)

      Imagination Station Indoor Playground System

    • WonderWorld indoor playground system 23108 (3)

      Wonder World Indoor Playground System

    • JungleGym indoor playground system 23106 (7)

      Jungle Gym Junction Indoor Playground System

    • PlayScape Indoor Playground System 23105 (3)

      PlayScape Indoor Playground System

    • KidZone Indoor Playground System 23104 (2)

      KidZone Indoor Playground System

    • Adventure Land Indoor Playground System 23103 (2)

      Adventureland Indoor Playground System

    • FunZone indoor playground system 23102 (3)

      FunZone Indoor Playground System

    • Playtopia indoor playground system 23101 (3)

      Playtopia Indoor Playground System

    • Eagles Perch Commercial Playground Structure Primary PKP026P 2

      Eagles Perch Playground System

    • San Luis Commercial Playground System 1

      San Luis Playground System

    • Eau Claire Commercial Playground System 2

      Eau Claire Playground System

    • Ashland Commercial Playground System 2

      Ashland Playground System

    • Portland Commercial Playground System 4

      Portland Playground System

    • Rockville Commercial Playground System 5

      Rockville Playground System

    • Columbia Commercial Playground System 2

      Columbia Playground System

    • Ditch Plains Commercial Playground Structure Primary PKP010P 2

      Ditch Plains Playground System

    • PKP009P Divinity Hill 2 1000x707

      Divinity Hill Playground System


    We are so pleased with our playground from Pro Playgrounds, their staff was able to design the perfect playground for our space, they installed it quickly and professionally, our kids really love it!
    – Rachel B.

    Quality Daycare Playground Equipment at Affordable Prices

    Daycare age children can benefit tremendously from having high quality playground equipment available to them. Playground equipment helps elementary age children develop both physically and socially. With over 200 pre-designed playground units to fit any age group, space or budget, chances are we have exactly the playground you are looking for. With over a decade of design and installation experience, and over 1000 successful installations, our team of experts will be here to assist you every step of the way with your playground project.

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    Variety of Playground Equipment Products and Applications


    Playgrounds For Daycares

    Our playground equipment is perfect for daycare and childcare centers, we will help you select age appropriate equipment.


    Playgrounds for Churches

    Churches are a place for families, our playground bring more families to church on Sundays and help increase membership.


    Playgrounds For Schools

    Our playground equipment is commercial grade and designed to meet the abuse of school age children and constant use.


    Playgrounds for Parks

    Our playgrounds are great for parks and help beautify spaces and bring communities together through play and socialization.


    Playgrounds for Communities

    Our playground equipment provides additional amenities and value to your community, bringing together its members.

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