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Knowledge is power, and knowledge not shared is knowledge wasted. The purpose of this blog is to share the wealth of knowledge that we have gained over our tenure in the playground and recreation industry. This blog covers a variety of topics that vary from installation of commercial playground equipment, shade and surfacing and other technical writings, to the impact of play on child development.

The whole world benefits when children play. Play aids in the development of not only children but communities and society at large. Children that play and grow together on the playground are better prepared later in life to deal with challenges and social interactions. This simple act of playing, while it may seem basic is worthy of additional thought and study; it is truly one of the most important activities in human development and to promote play is to promote a better world. Our mission is to help promote play and child development by providing the best playground and recreational products and services to our community at affordable prices. We hope that this blog and the information in it helps you to learn more about the importance of play and the industry.

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