We believe it’s important to remember that kids will be kids on playgrounds. Accidents are going to happen, in fact, getting a “boo boo” is an important learning process for young children, it teaches them to be cautious in careful. With this mindset, let’s all try to embrace new types of climbing playground equipment, even those that may not be as safe and mundane as the traditional equipment we so often see used today. Lets provide our kids with play environments that stimulate their imaginations along with challenging them both mentally and physically.

When designing a commercial playground, many times safety will win out over fun in the end. As enjoyable as slides, play panels and your basically safe equipment can be, it’s nice to see playground manufacturers coming up with ideas that are unique, but most of all challenging and fun. Playground climbing boulders and rock walls provide a great way to enhance the look of your playground environment as well as provide challenging physical obstacles for your children to test themselves on.

Recently, companies have begun producing large playground climbing boulders that look so much like natural stone boulders, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two, they even feel the same. These giant boulders are made using molds from actual rocks, reinforced fiber glass is used to make the climbing boulder extremely strong. The entire outer surface of the boulder is then coated with a colored slurry of epoxy, with sand and natural stone fines that make the outer surface slip resistant and natural looking.