When most of us were growing up we can remember most of our childhood days spent outside playing games and exploring. Being outside was an escape from school work and choirs and was just a place for us to have fun. Nowadays outside time is very constrained and limited. Part of it is because parents prefer to keep their children close by and safe and another reason is the rise of technology. Studies have shown that children spend about half an hour doing outside play and spend more than six hours a day in front of some electronic screen. Obesity rates have also doubled in children since many of use were kids and ADHD diagnosis is on the rise in the U.S. All of these statistics are a sign that we must do something to change these children’s lifestyles. With many children now in daycare and preschool, spending time outside is even harder. We are fortunate to have access to preschool playground equipment as well as playground equipment for infants and toddlers which promote play and physical activity.If we encourage more outdoor play we can help with children’s overall health. Playing outside can eliminate obesity and promote exercise through play. Outside play will help build active bodies in our children by doing activities that include running, jumping and climbing. Also, studies have shown that by children playing outside it reduces their risk of being nearsighted. When children spend most of their time looking at material that is close to their face they can face Myopia. When children play outside several hours a day they can improve their distance vision. Outside playtime also raises levels of Vitamin D which is great for kids. Not enough Vitamin D can create future bone problems, diabetes and heart disease.

Children cannot expand their minds as much if they are glued to a screen. Playing outside allows children to problem solve for themselves. They will figure out things on their own and explore their surroundings. Play is an active form of learning and without it children are missing out on the many benefits of play. They can learn about their environment and surroundings. Kids become more in-tune with their creativity and imagination when outside. They will learn how to utilize their surroundings to stimulate their minds through play. Studies have also correlated the reduction of ADHD symptoms to outdoor play.

Participating in outdoor play also can help children socially and emotionally. Children can create more social interactions with their peers and find common grounds of play. Studies have also shown that children tend to stress less when they see green spaces. Nature allows children to feel less stressed so they can interact in a positive way. When children play outside with other children, they learn how to share and resolve issues. When children play several hours inside playing video games or watching TV, they become more isolated and out of touch.

Hopefully, this information will help you encourage your children to play outside more. Outside play has many benefits that children need and that parents would want. Don’t let your child become another statistic of obesity or the ADHD diagnosis. Let your children expand their minds, body and soul through outdoor play!