Playtime is an important part of life. It is not only for younger children but also for older school age children as well. For many adults, it may be hard to get older children to go play on a regular playground to burn some energy. Some older kids may think that the traditional playgrounds may be more for “babies” and not something they would be interested in playing on. There are new and modern playgrounds that are specifically aimed for older children and their interests. Our line of obstacle course play systems are made for children ages 5 to 12 and consist of all the components older children look for. These units have some traditional climbers but they also include newer climbers that will draw attention. The active play systems are designed to challenge kids and allow them to focus on their balance and strength. These items are great to get kids playing and keeping them healthy.

We recently completed a project where the client wanted to have a playground that was for this older age group. She didn’t want panels or slides like many of the playgrounds you see today have. We showed her some options with the active play series of play systems and she loved them. This was perfect for her older kids since they weren’t interested in the regular playgrounds but still needed equipment that they could play on. We installed the Agility IV Course along with another climber and some surfacing and she loved the end result.

If you are interested in taking a look at our agility play systems you can go to the Build a Quote tab and find the playground systems section. Once that section has expanded their will be different selections. Find active play series playground structures and you will be able to see all of our different units. Some of these even include some traditional slides. Don’t see anything that you like? We can customize them to fit your needs. Give us a call to inquire about these unique products.