Many things happen when using playground equipment that most parents may not even realize. We see children laughing and running but we don’t really see what going on in their world. This is a place that they get to explore and learn about new things. A child finds out a lot of about life while playing on the playground. Here are a few examples of the life lessons they can learn about while playing on the playground.

The world is made up of all different types of people

We encounter people from different walks of life all of the time but a child doesn’t really get to see that on a day to day basis. The playground is a place where your child can met children that may come from a different background then them. They will start to realize that the world is made up of all sorts of people and that really we are not very different from each other. Your child will get the chance to be accepting to differences and appreciate what makes us the same and different. This will allow them to open up their mind to a new world and create new friends.

Sharing is good

Sharing can be a difficult concept to learn if your child has never had the chance to share with another child. It may be hard for your child to understand at first but you can help explain that they are not giving their toy away but allowing their friend to have a turn to have fun with it. Your child will see that sharing with another child doesn’t mean that they miss out on the fun but that they can both have an equal chance of having fun together. They will then see that sharing will be reciprocated as well and that sharing will take them far in life.

Wait your turn

There are always unwritten rules of the playground that every child should know and one of them is that everyone should wait their turn. Taking turns is something that we all deal with even as adults. We wait in line for our turn to check out, we wait our turn when going in for an appointment, etc. This is something that your child will learn about on the playground and will also teach them a little patience as well.

Play nice

No one like it when another individual is rude or not playing fair. We have all encountered people like this as adults and as children. You can explain to your child this it is always more rewarding to play nice with other rather than be mean. If they are nice to other children then other children will be nice to them. Your child will see that they will have more friends that will enjoy playing with them and have a better time by simply being nice. If they understand this concept they may be able to help out another child that may have difficulty understanding being nice to their peers. Hanging out with friends at your local park playground or school playground teaches this.

Problem Solving is rewarding

Children are able to learn more about problem solving when they play on a playground. This gives them a chance to think for themselves and overcome obstacles on their own. We run into problems in our everyday lives and most of the time we have to think for ourselves and solve them. Your child will start to solve problems without even realizing it. Maybe your child is playing a game that needs to figure out the best way to get from point “A” to point “B.” They will have to analyze the situation and the area to figure out the best way to execute their plan. This will allow them to also have more confidence when it comes to making decisions as well!

Be the bigger person

We have all run into some trying people in life. Your child may encounter a similar child on the playground. If another child is giving your child a hard time the best thing to do is walk away. Explain to them that they show that other child that they are the bigger person simply by ignoring them and going to do something else. Doing this will show that your child is mature and able to keep their cool.


The playground is a very important place for a child. These life lessons that they learn will allow them to grow up and be more well rounded adults. Take your time to sit their and watch your child’s interactions and coach them when needed.