Playtime is more than just kids goofing around. They learn so much by simply playing on  daycare playground equipment, using their imagination or just tinkering with toys. Children learn all sorts of important skills while they play and language development is one of the many skills that they learn. It may be a hard concept to grasp that a child can learn speech through simply playing. Here are a few ways they learn through play.As most parents know, children watch and listen to everything. From the time they are born, children watch what people do. As infants, they watch our mouths as we talk, see our expressions and body language. They take mental notes while we play and talk to them. The more we talk to them, the more they start to understand language. They will listen to the noises we make and how we speak to start making sense of what we are saying. Using age appropriate preschool playground equipment with language and sensory panels can improve this also.

Kids will also mimic what we say and do. All of that time they spend listening to us they will then replicate our actions and words. So be careful what you say and how you say it! When we read, play and engage with our children, it creates opportunities to discover new words. You may get tired of singing goofy songs and rhymes but to them it is a fun game that teaches them different words, sounds and concepts.

Parents want to be able to encourage language development in their household as well! Make sure you play with your child as much as possible. Playing pretend is great way to introduce different types of people. They will begin to recognize different words correlate with different occupations, such as a firefighter and fires or mommies and babies. Also, bring toys in your house that allow creativity to spark in your child. You want children to play with items that give them the chance to create their own playtime. This will give them the chance to make up their own scenarios and use their imagination giving them the opportunity to mimic things that they observe. Doing this will encourage speech in your child. Make sure your child is at a childcare facility that has age appropriate preschool playground equipment systems.