Mounting evidence demonstrates the importance of outside play on child development, particularly on gross and fine motor skills. That goes for all children, with or without disabilities. That being said, children with special needs may have conditions that impact their ability to access the playground. Children who cannot fully access the playground not only miss out on the physical and intellectual benefits of play but also on the social interaction that takes place with their peers. Creating accessible play spaces using inclusive playground equipment helps to accomplish that.

A recent study reveals that nearly 80% of children with disabilities do not regularly participate in community programs due to a lack of accessibility. In addition, obesity rates in children with disabilities are nearly 40% higher than in those without disabilities. These statistics, among others, demonstrate the dire need for children with disabilities to actively engage in outside play with their peers. More and more communities are now installing fully accessible commercial playground equipment to assist in meeting this need.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), any newly constructed and altered State and local government facilities, places of public accommodation, and commercial facilities must be readily accessible to individuals with disabilities. This includes our recreational facilities and play areas.

Easterseals of Daytona, Florida helps individuals and families with disabilities in the surrounding area overcome obstacles to independence. Led by a team of therapists, teachers and health professionals, Easterseals provides deaf and hard of hearing services, pediatric audiology, pediatric therapy and more. At Easterseals, families are encouraged to be active members of the program.

To ensure all children have the opportunity to participate in active, all-inclusive play, Easterseals recently reached out to Pro Playgrounds to install a fully accessible playground at their Daytona location. Our team was so inspired by Easterseals’ mission, we created a one-of-a-kind play area complete with a large commercial shade structure and poured in place rubber surfacing. The project involved removing old playground equipment, grading, excavation and installation of the new structure. At Pro Playgrounds, we understand that all-inclusive play is essential to the development of all children, with or without disabilities. We offer a variety of fully inclusive play equipment and offer free design for all inclusive play areas.