Students can play longer outdoors when playgrounds are shaded either by way of playground shade structures or natural tree shade. The surface temperature of equipment and other materials on the playground is significantly reduced when covered by shade, meaning children will not have to worry about slides and ladders being too hot to the touch, even during peak hours when the sun’s UV rays are the strongest. Playground shade structures also cool air temperatures. In the summer months of areas known for notoriously hot temperatures, like Arizona or Florida, the difference can be significant.

Samples collected by Arizona State University researchers reported decreases in air temperatures of up to 20 degrees in areas that were shaded compared to those that were not. Not only does this keep children cooler at play, but it also helps keep them hydrated.

Just one percent of a loss in body water weight has been shown to negatively impact the way the body operates, resulting in unnecessary fatigue. When physically active in hot temperatures, the body loses water even faster. The installation of playground shade structures and reduction in temperature helps protect children from dehydration.

Head researcher Jennifer Vanos of the Climate Science Center explains, “essentially we’re showing by just providing the mechanism of shade in the playground it brought temperatures into safe values so kids could actually play. In hotter temperatures they’re not going to play and have a high likelihood of burning their skin.”

Shade structures on the playground help protect children’s skin, allowing children to play for longer periods of time without overexposure to UV rays. This is essential on school and daycare playgrounds, when schedules include recess during peak hours. Studies on the effects of outside play in schools indicate a positive correlation between increased recess time on the playground and improved academic achievement in the classroom. By installing playground shade structures, schools can provide longer play times for children, an essential aspect of academia in today’s elementary schools.

This project features a custom metal shelter that will be used as an outdoor classroom and study area in Tampa, FL. Outdoor classrooms that are shaded by sail shades or metal shelters provide the ideal environment for increased creativity, attentiveness and memory retention.

This installation features three large shade structures covering three commercial play units. These shade structures allow the children to play for longer periods of time. Pro Playgrounds offers a wide selection of playground shade structures for all your outdoor recreational needs. Browse our inventory today!