Most children love being outside, playing sports or just exploring the outdoors. but there are some children that do not have an interest in physical activities. Being active if very important for your child. If children are not active now then they are less likely to become active in the future. We need to inspire these children to get moving. We do not have to necessarily get them to like sports but we can get them to like different approaches to getting fit.
One idea that we can do as parents is to let your child try different sports outside the norm. If you child doesn’t like baseball or soccer then try something different like martial arts or dancing. These are different kinds of sports that they can do independently. The key is to find something that your child will have fun doing and also be active at the same time. These kind of things take time since all children like different things but your child will eventually find something they like. Once they find something they enjoy make sure you give them good encouragement. Children respond better when they are praised and when they are doing something as important as keeping up with their health, then you want to make sure to give them positive feedback. This will also give them self confidence when being involved.
You could also limit the time they are on the computer or using the television. This will force them to find other ways of entertaining themselves. Also, this will allow your a window to establish a routine with them. After they have their time with technology, then it is time for chores or and outside play time. Bring a friend into the picture helps too! If they have a friend with them during this time then they will help ignite each other’s imagination and have fun being active together.
Another great way of motivating your child to be fit is to join along with them. Leading by example is a great way to let your children learn the importance of staying active. Adults need to be active to so it won’t hurt you to join them. You both can make it fun by creating different games for each other. This will show children to love being outside or trying new things.
Children need a little guidance sometimes. It is our duty to help direct them to things they want and need. Teaching children to be active at a young age will help steer them in the right path. We do not want our children to become the generation that is glued to the television and does not discover themselves.