A recent study assessing temperatures on playground equipment performed by Texas Tech Climate Science Center & Arizona State University determined shade structures greatly increase the safety and comfort of the playground equipment as well as the natural and artificial surfaces on which playgrounds are constructed. The research conducted revealed boiling temperatures on playground equipment and surfacing in areas that were not shaded in the South and Southwestern United States. The study also revealed a simple solution – shade.

Commercial Playground Shade Structures can keep equipment and surfacing cool to the touch. Recorded temperatures in shaded areas were significantly cooler, by nearly twenty degrees in some cases. Lower temperatures are a crucial component of playground safety, as they reduce the chance of children overheating or suffering heat exhaustion when playing outside.

Shade provides protection from solar UV radiation, protecting children’s skin from too much sun. Astonishingly one in five Americans develops some kind of skin cancer over the course of their lifetime. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, five or more sunburns double the risk.

High quality shade structures protect kids at play, greatly reducing the risk of sunburn and excessive sun exposure. In fact, the first tip provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to protect children’s skin from the sun is to seek shade. The CDC published a guide titled Shade Planning for America’s Schools in an effort to reduce the development of skin cancer in children. The guide explores the contributors and consequences of excessive sun exposure as well as the benefits of shade.

In addition to significant health benefits, shade structures reduce the wear and tear of playground equipment from sun exposure overtime. Sun exposure breaks down playground equipment and surfacing, resulting in costly repairs & replacements. Shade structures can greatly lengthen the life of your investment, keeping the playground cool and children safe at play. Pro Playgrounds offers a wide variety of pre-engineered and custom designed shade structures made of the highest quality materials and workmanship. Browse our selection of shade structures here.