Playground Assessment

Do a quick assessment on the needs that are required for your playground equipment. Learn what ADA requirements, licensing, and safety guidelines are required. Is your playground for a park, a school, church, commercial area, or residential? Knowing these requirements that must be met is one of the first steps in choosing your equipment for the area you have. Knowing the requirements of your state and city will play a factor in the playground equipment you select.   Find out how large the play space is going to be to get an idea of the layout. Figure out how many children will be playing on the playground and what age range of children will be at play. Finally, will there be requirements that need to be considered for special needs or disabilities. Inspect your current equipment if you have any and determine if it is meeting current CPSC and ASTM as well as ADA guidelines. Working with commercial playground sales specialists licensed in playground safety will help save time and ensure that you meet all necessary requirements.

Define your Budget / Select your Equipment

Remember that the playground equipment is not the only factor in creating your budget for a new playground. Surface such as wood or rubber mulch may be required, as well as raw materials, and installation costs. Once you have an idea of your budget, start looking at equipment options. Playground equipment is available in many colors, materials, and textures so again consulting with a sales specialist will help narrow down your options and save time. Keep in mind the surfacing material and any site amenities such as benches, tables that you will be using as you make your selection on playground equipment as that will impact the total costs of the playground.


Take your time when selecting your new playground equipment. Having a specialist assist you with the process can make it easier and save you time and money. Playgrounds are essential to the physical, social, and cognitive development of children so picking the right equipment and ensuring safety is essential. Talk to one of our playground experts today to help get you started!