Commercial playground equipment can be found in most places: community schools, parks, churches, etc. Each one may look a little different, be a different size or located in a different place, but the rules for each playground remain the same. Whether or not playground rules are posted, it is important for you and your child to know playground etiquette when using commercial playground equipment. Here are a few rules you can share with your little one:

  1. Take turns. This can be difficult for younger children to grasp sometimes. On the playground, children tend to get caught in the moment and forget to take turns. Having your child wait for their turn will teach them patience and manners. Talk to your child about being mindful of others when playing on commercial playground equipment.
  2. Use equipment correctly. It is easy for kids to get carried away with their imagination and begin using playground equipment in ways not intended for use. When a child uses equipment incorrectly, it can be dangerous. For instance, climbing up a slide can be problematic; children may accidentally fall off or collide into another child who is sliding down.
  3. Eat in designated areas. When children eat outside of designated areas, it causes a mess and creates issues for other parents whose children want to snack and play at the same time. Spills create a hazard on commercial playground equipment, causing children to slip and fall. Eating at the playground is also a choking hazard for children at play
  4. Use age appropriate equipment. Most commercial play equipment is marked with the appropriate age range. Check the equipment to ensure it is the right age range for your child’s developmental level. Equipment that is designed for older children may feature play activities that are too advanced for younger ages.
  5. Supervise! Supervision is always very important. Your child may not remember playground rules. As an adult, it is your duty to watch and remind them. Adult supervision reduces the likelihood of injuries in children on the playground.