You can significantly extend the amount of time you spend in the great outdoors with the installation of sun shade sails. Research shows the installation of shade structures greatly reduces the surface temperatures of equipment like slides, ladders and monkey bars. Air temperatures under shade structures are also much cooler than unshaded areas, making play zones more comfortable for children to play in for longer periods of time.

This makes the playground a safer place to play and also extends the use of playground equipment. For additional considerations regarding playground safety, check the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS)’s SAFE Framework. The framework covers crucial components of playground safety, including:

  • Supervision,
  • Appropriate Environments,
  • Fall Surfacing and
  • Equipment Maintenance.

In addition to making the playground a safer place to play, sun shade sails provide serious relief when the hot months come. With shades over your outdoor recreation equipment, you can enjoy your playground, pool or basketball court at a comfortable temperature for longer. Plan your installation before the weather starts warming up to get the most out of your new shades.

Shade also boosts health and well-being. Mounting evidence shows more time outdoors equals improved mood and reduced stress. Research published in Scientific Reports reveals a strong association between spending time outdoors and a better sense of well-being. The Washington Post reports “those who got in two to three hours in nature were about 20 percent more likely to report high overall satisfaction with their lives than those who spent no time outdoors at all.” The installation of shade creates a space where people can enjoy the outdoors in a healthy environment for a longer period of time. With sun shade sails, playground visitors can get a healthy dose of vitamin D when in areas that are not shaded and easily seek shade to avoid overexposure.

At Pro Playgrounds, we have installed over 100. shade and shelter structures of all shapes and sizes across the United States. Our team of expert installers will make sure that your shade structure of metal shelter is installed correctly and looks beautiful. More importantly, if your shelter is being installed over a playground, we will make sure it conforms to local building codes as well as CPSC Playground Safety Standards.

Enjoy the outdoors longer and all the great benefits that come along with spending more time outside with sun shade sails.