One of the easiest ways to incorporate more learning activities into a commercial playground equipment is by paying close attention to the playground panels you select. Playground panels are used to create a barrier around elevated decks on playgrounds. These playground panels can be very basic, such as bubbles or plain words, to intricate with user activated spinning gears, shape puzzles and text panels that teach children the number system, alphabet and even Spanish. Custom panels are also available that can be tailored to meet specific educational requirements.

Commercial playgrounds have come a long way in the last decade. Years ago, most playgrounds were simply large metal objects that allowed children to climb and play, with very limited educational benefit. In recent years, new and innovative products have began to appear on the playground market that have tremendous educational benefit to the children using them.

Aside from playground panels, there has been an emergence in the playground equipment industry of an entirely new class of playground equipment that promotes education. This equipment is able to generate sound and learning activities by using power generated by the user. The user, in this case a child would rotate a handle on the equipment, in doing so they generate enough energy to power the equipment. Once this has happened the equipment becomes fully interactive for the child, allowing them to get lessons on a number of different things from music, to nature.

Children love to learn, and of course children love to play. This makes a playground a perfect location to incorporate as many educational activities as possible, the best part is that these activities are so much fun, the learning portion is second nature to the child using it. They will be so enthusiastic when the equipment begins to light up and speak to them, not realizing they are learning in the process.

We would like to see more of this equipment installed as we feel it is a great way to maximize the educational benefits on a commercial playground. Currently there are but a few companies producing this type of equipment, but as interest grows and purchases increase