Playing is essential for children development and helps to keep emotional balance for adults, it stimulates creativity providing healthy psychic and intellectual growth. There are numerous advantages that play time can offer, we got together 5 of them to share with you:

  1. Improves the physical and emotional well-being– by playing, you learn to lose.
  2. They help shape each person’s personality traits (very aggressive people certainly didn’t play in childhood).
  3. Active play elements such as climbers, overhead ladders, and slides serve to associate to motor coordination, sharpen perception through the sensory exploration and concentration.
  4. By playing, you learn to have balance and begin to understand how the world works.
  5. They spark the imagination.


Play time at the playground also offer the opportunity of interaction and relationship for children of different ages to learn from and help one another, they will often copy or learn from older children or older children may help them on and off the equipment, encouraging them not to be scared, and offering to help them down from the top of a tall structure. These social interactions are an important part of children’s social experiences on the playground.

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