Kids are not the only ones who like to play, and dog parks are leading growth in U.S as many communities have started introducing “pet friendly” advertisements to attract new buyers and renters. Community dog parks will not just bring the community pet owners together but will also provide a safe and clean area where residents can allow their dogs to run and play free off the leash. Because of this, selecting the best dog park equipment products is crucial.

Here are some recommendations on how to safely offer this amenity:


Finding the right location is crucial when planning a dog park. Look for an area on the side, or at the back of your community preferably an open space with easy access for both residents and dogs.


Every dog park needs to be fenced, at least five feet or higher and with a designated entrance area. If you can implement a double gate system that will ensure even more safety.

Small dogs and large dogs

The best dog parks are the ones that include a space for all dog sizes, the separation helps to ensure that both the dogs and their owners can enjoy their time at the park regardless the size of their pet.

Important rules

You’ll want to hang a sign explaining all the rules, such as hours of operation and rules to follow while utilizing the park.

Dog Park Equipment:

Here are some ideas of equipment to use when designing your dog park:

  • Water Fountain: this attractive dual fountain provides refreshing water for dogs and their owners.
  • Expert Course: This is our most advanced course and offers 9 activities meeting the needs of dogs of various sizes and abilities. The agility-based play equipment takes the park to the next level and offers activities suitable for the family pet up to the seasoned athlete.
  • Recycled Novice Course: Our recycled Novice course includes 4 exciting and fun components that can be used intuitively by most dogs.
  • Pooch Perch Bench: Whether taking it easy watching your furry friend run freely about or when the whole canine crew is ready for a break, Pooch Perch Benches are the way to go.
  • Shade: Shade structures can offer a break from the sun and make residents visits even longer and happier.

Explore our selection of dog park products, or if you feel like you need more tips on how to build a dog park in your community, contact us today!