Not all recreational projects are cut and dry. Unique factors such as the condition of existing equipment, location and age appropriateness greatly impact the scope of any project. Fortunately, playground consulting services with licensed industry professionals can help you choose the ideal custom playground equipment for your recreational needs.


Space limitations often decide the actual size of the project, greatly impacting the selection of equipment, shade structures and surfacing. It is important to check ASTM and CPSC standards when choosing equipment and materials as they specify dimension requirements. For example, CPSC playground safety regulations require play structures more than 30 inches high to be spaced at least 9 feet apart.

Location can also influence the selection of shade structures as certain areas are more prone to sunlight exposure than others. Both natural and artificial shade has been shown to greatly reduce the wear and tear of playground equipment from sun exposure over time. An area accompanied by natural tree shade may call for little to no additional shade, while temperatures in open recreational areas are greatly reduced from the addition of sail shades and other artificial shade structures.

In response to a recent space constraint challenge, Pro Playgrounds installed the first and only rooftop playground in the entire Southeastern U.S at a charter school in Tallahassee, Florida. This was a particularly unique project that called for the expertise of Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI) to ensure all requirements were met despite its unique location.

Age Appropriateness

Playgrounds are designed by age appropriateness for toddler, preschool and middle school aged children based on physical ability and developmental level. In an effort to reduce the number of injuries that occur on the playground, the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) recommends children play exclusively on equipment designed for their age group.

A daycare in Alabama recently reached out to Pro Playgrounds in search of playground equipment that would help students achieve their developmental milestones beginning with the infant stage all the way through preschool. We installed this multi use play area featuring playground equipment designed to encourage balance & agility for each age group. The project even included an infant patio designed to further increase healthy outdoor activity for the youngest of toddlers.


Sometimes the biggest determinant, when it comes to selecting a playground, is time. When you need a project completed quickly, be sure to choose an installation company that is capable of getting the job done within your parameters.

We recently installed a substantial project with such time constraints in just ten days. The project included a commercial playground, shade structure and poured in place rubber surfacing.

For custom needs, contact your playground experts at Pro Playgrounds. Whatever your recreational needs, we have the solution! Explore more custom playground equipment here.