We love it when our clients give free range to design a spectacular playground for them. The PTO of a school in Tallahassee, Fl approached us with the need of a playground at their school. They already had a few play areas but they are dated and didn’t have very many activities that older kids would enjoy. Our playground installation experts met with them on the campus and surveyed the area to measure out where the equipment would go.

For our installation specialist/designer to create a quote, all he really needs are the dimensions of the area and to know what is currently in the area (ex. surfacing, equipment, etc). Since our installation specialist went out and saw first hand the area and it’s potential he was able to come up with a great design for older kids. His design was ale to get the most equipment in safely to utilize that space to it’s full potential. Keep in mind, all of the equipment installed has to be fit into a use zone that has no other equipment in it. Our specialist makes sure that the use zone comply with playground safety standards.

Once he finished his design he presented it to the PTO and they were thrilled with the layout. We were given the go ahead to order the equipment and do the install. His design consisted of a traditional playground that was custom designed to fit in several different climbing pieces along with slides that the kids would enjoy. He also selected a newer type of playground equipment that has several different challenging climbers that the kids can use as an obstacle course. Other equipment includes overhead spinners, a curved balance beam and pebble pods. We also replaced the shade fabric for their existing shade structures since they needed to be replaced.

Overall, the customers, parents and children were very thrilled with their brand new playground. They were able to get use an available space for some great play equipment that the kids love playing on. Our installation team is one of the best around. If you have a project coming up that needs our expertise then make sure you give us a call to design you a playground that you will love!