Planning to install a commercial playground in your outdoor space this year? Get ready for increased physical activity, social interaction and more! Mounting research demonstrates outdoor play helps children achieve essential developmental milestones. Post installation, communities report a stronger sense of togetherness when commercial playgrounds are present. Recreational areas bring people together, boosting social interaction for caregivers, children and parents alike.

Activities that support gross motor development in children include running, playing jump rope and other games like hopscotch or playing catch. Any activity that encourages children to practice large movements in their arms and legs greatly boosts their gross motor development. On the playground, such activities include, pumping legs on a swing set, climbing up a rock wall, using upper arm strength to cross the monkey bars and more.

Fine motor skills are also essential for children to develop at an early age. These involve the use of smaller muscles in the hands and feet. Tabletop activities such as cutting with scissors, painting or stringing beads are great ways to build fine motor skills in children. On the playground, fine motor coordination and dexterity is achieved as children grasp equipment to maneuver their way through obstacles. As children climb, they learn the best way to grasp the rocks on the wall. When children slide down a pole, they learn to wrap their hands around it to hold on. These simple learning experiences help children boost fine motor skills as they navigate and overcome challenges on the playground.

Children also learn valuable social skills when at play. As children play with others, they learn teamwork, conflict resolution and friendship. Communication skills are also put to good use. Studies show children tend to speak more with one another when engaged in unstructured, free play versus a structured sports or classroom activity.

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