Daycare playground equipment is designed to help boost the achievement of young learner milestones. Designed for ages 6 to 23 months and 2 to 5 years, daycare playground equipment is built with safety top of mind. When children play on age appropriate equipment, the likelihood of injury is significantly reduced. Height ranges are taken into consideration when calculating fall risk from higher pieces of equipment. The installation of safety surfacing under and around playground equipment further reduces the risk of injury, particularly the rate of head injuries in young children.

In addition to being designed for safety, preschool playground equipment is carefully constructed to help boost the achievement of developmental milestones in young learners. Climbing up ladders requires a sense of balance, hand-foot-eye coordination and upper & lower body strength. Swinging on a swing requires hand strength to grasp the ropes, core strength to keep the body upright on the swing and leg strength to pump the swing back and forth. Even bucket swings require core stability. Big movements that children make to navigate from point A to point B on the playground, put vital gross motor skills to practice.

Fine motor skills are accomplished in the small hand movements, e.g., holding on to the side of a ladder or the ropes of a swing, grabbing onto the monkey bars and playing with activity panels. Playground activity panels come in different themes; some are musical, while others include scientific elements. These activities boost curiosity and creative play in young children. The panels are composed of small parts, requiring children to use fine hand movements to engage in the activities.

Preschool aged children who play on playground equipment with other children their age also tend to be more socially confident and verbal than those who do not. Venturing up stairs and plowing down slides without parental assistance gives preschool aged children a unique sense of confidence. When children interact with others on the playground and engage in collaborative play, they learn vital team-work and negotiation skills, all essential social skills that will undoubtedly aid them later in life.

Pro Playgrounds offers a wide selection of playground equipment for daycares and individual play items like swing sets, spring riders and more. All of our commercial playground equipment meets or exceeds safety standards set forth by ASTM and CPSC; and all of our commercial playground equipment products are IPEMA certified. In addition to offering the safest commercial playground equipment, we back it up with an industry leading 100 year warranty.