Apartments and other residential communities with playground and recreational equipment onsite retain more long-term residents. Playgrounds for Apartment Complexes provide an avenue for children to explore and reach essential physical and social developmental milestones. Apartment playgrounds provide a location for children and caregivers to socialize with one another, resulting in improved community togetherness. Tenant satisfaction is higher at residential communities where there is a strong sense of togetherness. In addition to the many benefits for residents, the installation of apartment playground and other recreational equipment increases the value of the community property.

Higher Resident Occupancy

The installation of apartment amenities greatly enhances the desirability of the property, both attracting new residents and retaining long-term residents. Trulia includes “amenities” as a top factor for apartment hunters:

  1. Lease
  2. Neighborhood
  3. Price
  4. Damage
  5. Amenities

By having a playground and other recreational equipment available onsite, residents are provided with an ideal outlet for physical activity and gathering place for birthday parties, play dates and other social activities.

Physical & Social Benefits

Playgrounds put children’s physical developmental milestones in motion, oftentimes for the first time. The use of playground equipment, including swings, slides and climbing structures, helps children develop physical endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination, eye hand coordination and depth perception. Caregivers also engage in physical activity on the playground, as they assist children at play, e.g. walking to and from the playground, climbing stairs, pushing swings and more.

Improved Community Togetherness

Apartment playgrounds provide an ideal location for children and caregivers to gather and spend time with one another. Many of children’s first social skills are learned on the playground as they discover, encounter and solve new obstacles with one another. Play zones can serve as a meeting ground, where children and caregivers meet each other for the first time, resulting in a stronger sense of community togetherness, and in some cases, life lasting friendships. Apartment complexes with a stronger sense of community togetherness tend to have a higher number of long-term residents versus those without.

Increased Property Value

Creating a community atmosphere with playground equipment for apartment complexes and providing amenities for residents is key to the success of many apartment complexes and multifamily communities. Once recreational equipment has been installed, the property value of the apartment complex significantly rises.

Pro Playgrounds has designed and installed hundreds of apartment playground equipment units for complexes across the United States.