When most people think about Tallahassee a few things come to mind; college football and being Florida’s capital. What most people don’t know is that Tallahassee has many fantastic parks to explore. These parks are spread throughout the city and have many fun events to try out. Each is known for something different! Here is a list of those parks.
1. Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park is one of the most popular parks in Tallahassee. There are beautiful gardens that you can go walk through at this park. Everything was first planted in 1923 by Alfred B. and Louise Maclay when they purchased this property. In other areas of the park you can take boats (without the motor) to go fishing out on the water. There is also a swimming area that both adults and kids can enjoy. There is also playground equipment and swings that children can use that is nicely placed under shaded trees. Nature trails can also be found entering through the woods and overlooking that lake.
2. A.J. Henry Park is a 72 acre area that is located in the Killearn area. Dr. Joe Henry was the property owner so the park is named after him. This park has a beautiful walking trail for those who like to take in the great outdoors. There is also a picnic area for families to go relax and eat. The playground equipment has several climbers, a zip-line, swings and spring riders for kids to have fun with!
3. Cascades Park is one of the newest parks in Tallahassee and is located in the downtown area. This park is beautifully designed! The amphitheater holds many concerts and events for the community to enjoy. There is also an interactive water fountain that all kids love to play in. At night there is a fountain show that everyone can watch that includes light and music. Another area of the park has a children’s play area that uses many natural elements. Another great feature of this park is that there is a nice trail that goes around the park and located on that trail there is a Smokey Hollow Commemoration.
4. Tom Brown Park is another park that many people love! It is located on the eastern side of Tallahassee. This enormous park has everything you could imagine a park to have! There are several baseball fields and tennis courts for people to come host games. There are also wide open spaces located around the park to do other events; such as play football, soccer or just throw a ball.
Located in the eastern part of Tallahassee, just east of Capital Circle SE between Mahan Drive and Apalachee Parkway, sits a huge park with everything you could want to do in it. This is the City of Tallahassee’s premier place to play, with numerous baseball and softball fields, tennis courts, and wide open spaces. Located throughout the park are frisbee golf areas. Another nice feature is that there is a dog park that dog owners can use. This area is separated into three areas and for dogs of different sizes. There area also great playgrounds in Tom Brown as well! The largest one is handicapped accessible with a huge structure, several swings and a mister for when kids get hot!
5. Lake Ella is located in central Tallahassee. The lake has three fountains located in the middle of the lake and a trail that goes all the way around it. Many locals go there to go for nice walks or feed the ducks. There are some picnic areas around the lake that can be used to relax or have nice picnics. There is a church that is right next to the Lake that allows kids to use their playground. It is called Generation Park and has swings, climbers and natural looking rocks for children to climb on.
6. Miccosukee Community Park has recently been renovated for the public. The park has a new and improved playground, basketball courts and picnic tables under shelters. There are baseball fields that get used by park goers and the Miccosukee Little League team. The baseball fields were named in honor of Trent McElroy who was a little league player and lost his battle to cancer. There is a statue located there in his honor.
7. Lafayette Park use to be an area where Native Americans hunted and gathered flint many years ago. Today the park is a wonderful little gem for those who go there. There is the 5 finger lake that visitors can use to fish off of or just nature watch. You can also take your boat (without motor) out there as well. There is a nature trail that you can take by foot or bike to enjoy the scenery. Kids can play on the playground equipment available there while their parents sit under the shelters on the picnic tables. There is also a bike course that can be used to practice tricks.
8. J Lewis Hall Sr. Park has four little league baseball fields to enjoy. There is also a junior league field and softball field. A nice bug multipurpose field is available to those who would like to play football or do their own type of game. Two basketball courts are also located here as well. Youth can enjoy the nice playground that is there too!
There are many other parks available but there are just a few that are the most visited. If you are every in the area you should take your families to some of these locations. You won’t be disappointed!