If you are visiting Florida with your family, Jacksonville should be one of the vacation spots you should visit. Jacksonville is located in Northeast Florida and has a population of about 850,000 people. With such a large amount of people there are several things to do and see there. One of the activities that you should do if you have kids is visit their great parks and playgrounds that they have there. Down below are some of the best parks to check out while you are in the area.
1. Landon Park is located in the San Marco area. The park was originally built in 1925 and has doubled in size today. This park has several pieces of playground equipment that your kids will be sure to love! Landon Park is known to have many large magnolias and oaks canopy the park grounds. There is also a beautiful rose garden at the southwest corner that you and your family can walk through.
2. Sunshine Park is in Jacksonville Beach and will be a favorite for your children! This park has a nice big playground that the kids will want to play on all day. There is also a fun splash pad that kids can run through and get wet on a nice hot day. A basketball court, volleyball court and tennis court are available for use if you want to make teams with your family and play against each other.
3. Brackridge Park is in southeast Jacksonville and has great playground equipment that come with integrated shades so kids can stay shaded and cool during sunny days. There are also some other independent play equipment for kids to play on such as a see saw and swings. There are also several soccer fields to play games on and picnic tables so that you can have nice outdoor meal and rest.
4. Drew Park was named after a Jacksonville native and assistant city engineer named Jack Drew. He was also a softball player in the Recreation League of Jacksonville for several years. He was a very talented softball player with four perfect games. This park also has some great pieces of play equipment that will keep your kids entertained for hours!
5. Deerwood Rotary Children’s Park has a vibrant and colorful playground that many children love! This playground equipment also has nice, soft turf so you won’t have to worry about messy sand or mulch. There are also a few picnic tables for you to sit on and watch your kids play. This is definitely a park worth going to!
6. Confederate Park is located in the Springfield area of north Jacksonville. There is a beautiful fountain for you to check out while you are there along with some statues. There is a great play area that always attracts kids with it’s unique play pieces. There is also a nice dog park for you animal owners who like bringing your furry family members with you on trips!
7. Blue Cypress Park is located on the Arlington side of Jacksonville. What’s great about this park is that it has an eighteen hole golf course in it! So if you and your family are golf fanatics then they may be the one park you want to check out! There is also a lot of beautiful scenery here. You can take a stroll on the riverfront boardwalk or the trails that go through the park. There is also an area to launch your kayak and fish. This park also has several tennis courts, soccer fields and a fun playground.
8. Riverside Park is in the west Jacksonville area. This park has a nice duck pond for you to feed the birds and take a nice walk around to enjoy the scenery. There are also some great commercial playgrounds that accommodate large numbers of kids. Riverside also has a basketball court and a tennis court.
Jacksonville will have your kids wanting to see more! Take a trip to go visit some of these parks. Your family will be happy that you did!