Play time is essential and indispensable for a child’s development of personality and if started at a very early age they engage and interact more in the world around them. It is also known that sociability is an emotional and cultural development, and it only happens when children are free to interact with the environment in a healthy way.

Playgrounds are enchanting for any child, it takes them to the fantasy world, in addition to stimulating physical activities, which are important to prevent diseases. Therefore, choosing the play system that will make up a playground seems like and easy task, but the process needs some special consideration.

What is the best playground?

The best playground is the one that will provide more options for social interaction, which is produced in a good and safe material, which will allow complete fun such as sliding, jumping, climbing, descending, hiding and everything else the imagination allows.

The Typhoon Pass Play Structure and Key West Play System are a good example. In addition to all the apparatus for physical activities, it also creates a playful and functional environment, developing motricity, a movement of the body with obstacles, and it contains a Little House that resembles a Tree House and an Observatory. These structure’s unique shape allows children to get as much fun out of this playground as possible.

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