When installing playground equipment, the number one factor to consider is safety. Before you begin, it is important to assess several foundational factors including, the slope, soil quality and nearby vegetation on the playground site.

One of the first stages of playground equipment installation involves excavating the area for a solid foundation. The slope and soil quality are important to consider, when planning this primary step. The slope of the playground site will help determine water runoff and retention areas. Ideally, you want to avoid drainage issues by choosing an area that is not likely to retain water.

The quality of the soil can also help determine the likelihood of water retention and/or runoff. Ideal soil is stable enough to retain some water for healthy drainage without falling apart.

Nearby vegetation is also important to consider in the primary playground installation stage. One of the biggest safety factors to consider on the playground is solar exposure. When choosing a playground site, nearby trees and other vegetation can be utilized to provide much needed shade. Additional shade can be added with the installation of artificial shade structures available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

By ensuring that playground equipment and surfacing is sheltered under some form of shade, by way of natural tree shade, artificial shade structures and/or a combination of the two, you can greatly increase the utilization of your playground, particularly during peak hours of UV intensity.

Why Playground Installation Calls for a Professional

Commercial playground installations require extensive planning to ensure optimal safety for children at play. Playground installations with large shade structures must comply with building codes in some states. Installing commercial playgrounds and shade structures can be a difficult task, requiring knowledge of construction principals and engineering, in many cases also requiring the use of heavy equipment. Additionally, almost every shade structure requires permitting and engineering to make sure that it is safe and building code compliant.

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