We would like to challenge playground equipment manufacturers to join forces with companies and people that specialize in children with disabilities to come up with new and innovative playground equipment for children with disabilities, we would also like to challenge local governments and municipalities to make it a priority to provide parks and playgrounds designed specifically with disabled children in mind. Every community should have at least one fully accessible commercial playground equipment structure.

ADA compliance has always been an issue in playground design and construction. Even though playgrounds have to be designed with the appropriate amount of ground level activities in proportion to elevated activities, over all the selection of playground equipment that is ADA accessible currently available is very limited and dated. By installing modern inclusive playground equipment, we can create accessible play areas for these children.

Playgrounds are the one place where kids can be kids, where they can play, learn and grow together. Playgrounds should be a place where kids are worry free. This is not always the case for children with disabilities. Children with disabilities face so many obstacles in their day to day lives that all of us take for granted, whether it’s something as simple as getting dressed, or traveling the crowded hall ways at school, the truth is that day to day life is harder for children with disabilities. Lets all work together by installing fully accessible ADA playground systems to promote inclusivity on the playground.

The one place in the world that should be a sanctuary for children with disabilities are playgrounds. We need to start focusing our attention on creating new equipment that is accessible for disabled children, and still fun and entertaining. Most of the ADA playground equipment on the market is not only boring, but expensive. We would like to see entire parks designed specifically for children with disabilities, disabilities of all kinds including children with mobility issues, the blind and deaf, children with autism and down’s syndrome. How is it possible that we have entire parks built for dogs, yet if one looks to find a playground for their disabled child, it is nearly impossible to find.